Here are some of the things Fuxedo customers are saying…

“Thanks again you guys! Fuxedos made it ALL happen, a memorable, unique, wedding ceremony no one will soon forget!”

“It’s A+. I wore it in my house on Valentine’s Day and got fucked right out of it. It’s the best piece of clothing I own. The Fuxedo is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. I say this literally and with no exaggeration.”
-Keith Malley of “Keith and The Girl”

“holy fuxing shit – my fux just got here. just slipped in and out of it- and it is incredible –
I immediately started laughing when I saw the tag, Neck goes here – nice touch”


“I wore a Fuxedo to a recent black tie wedding.  No one had any idea until the very end when I revealed what I was wearing and I became the focus of the after party and even frenched a hot woman!”

“The Fuxedo is sharp as shit. I posted a pic of myself on Facebook wearing the Fux and everyone asked ‘whats the occassion. I took it to my mom’s and told it it was a one piece jumpsuit and she said ‘isn’t that something, thats neat’. I put it on and she was looking it over and said ‘you cant tell it’s all one piece’.  I love it and cant wait for an event to wear it to. Thank you for coming up with the idea of such an amazing suit.”

“This may just be the greatest thing I’ve ever bought, and that’s saying a lot.”

fuxedo's made it ALL happen, it's how we came
up with all the ideas and made a memorable, unique, wedding ceremony
nobody will soon forget

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